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20+ years of clinical experience helping clients achieve their health and weight goals.


The F-Factor Diet is based on a registered dietitian’s understanding of food science, anatomy and physiology to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Fiber + Protein

The combination of fiber and protein helps keep you full throughout the day while revving up your metabolism.




Whether you want to lose weight, improve your health, increase chances for longevity, get the optimum benefits from the foods you eat, or all these things, our F-Factor Registered Dietitians will help you achieve your goals.
Available for in-person or virtual sessions, our Dietitians will customize a plan to fit your lifestyle needs as well as your health and wellness objectives. And be there for you 24/7.



Tonight we are swapping out 🌮Taco Thursday for with these insanely delicious 20/20 Chicken Enchiladas. Traditionally, this is a rather ❌heavy, ❌fiber-less dish. With some ✨ smart swaps, we recreated it to be ✅ nutrient dense yet seemingly indulgent. Pair with our special Guacamole (available in our 20/20 Recipe E-Book), and @nutritionbymaria Spicy Margarita to create the ultimate at-home fiesta 🎉🥑🍹.⁣

Drop a 🌮 if your making this tonight!

Find this #ffactorapproved recipe on our website- Link in bio!

Monday Motivation with 👩🏻‍⚕️F-Factor Registered Dietitan MARIA STAVROPOULOS, MS, RD, CDN

Making yourself a ✨priority is important so here is your reminder to take a moment and schedule in 🗓️time for yourself. Treat yourself to a coffee, try out a new🧘🏻‍♀️workout class, read a 📗book or take a walk - this can help increase productivity, improve your mood and also give you the ability to destress if you are feeling overwhelmed.

This is YOUR #journey to being the ✨ best version of YOU, no one else can do it for you... so commit to yourself, honor yourself, be patient with yourself, and celebrate yourself!

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🍩DOUBLE CHOCOLATE DONUTS a recipe for you that provides the taste without affecting your waist.
Our F-Factor 20/20 Chocolate Donuts are unique because they satisfy your sweet Chocolate donut craving ✨while containing impressive nutrition. Compared to a traditional donuts, they have:
🍩 < 245 calories
🍩 7x more FIBER
🍩 3x more PROTEIN
🍩 13x LESS net carbs
🍩 ONLY 2g sugar

Donut think twice, factor IN this sweet treat for your donut fix, you’ll be happy 💚 you made a smarter, healthier choice!
Want the recipe? Head over to www.FFactor.com

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Afternoon 🕰️ snack-time with 🖼️ Mona Lisa is always F-Factor Approved!

✨PRO TIP: Pack a high fiber, high protein snack with you when you visit a museum. Today I’m packing my F-Factor blueberry bar. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also packed with fiber and protein, which will help offset my hunger and keep me feeling full and energized as I explore the museum.

Each F-Factor 20/20 Fiber Protein Bar contain 20g of metabolism-boosting FIBER, 20g of muscle-building 💪🏻PROTEIN and less than 5g net carbs.

In addition, they are:
✅No Sugar Added
✅All Natural
✅Gluten Free
✅Soy Free

F-Factor Fiber / Protein Bars will keep you satisfied and full! Be sure to get yours while supplies last ⏰ Click the link in bio to purchase🔗

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Eating a healthy lunch doesn’t have to mean eating boring a salads every day. With a little
in liber and dA protein, toucan ureateddicius andish
satisfying meals that will keep you on track with your health and weight loss goals.
Need some recipe inspo? Head over to ffactor.com and check out all the F-Factor Approved recipes bursting with flavor!
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