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Zones 5-9

Cranrazz Butterfly Bush

Buddleia 'Boscranz' (PP#25,730)

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Cranrazz Butterfly Bush

Buddleia 'Boscranz' (PP#25,730)

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Attracts Butterflies
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Botanical Name

Buddleia 'Boscranz' (PP#25,730)

Outdoor Growing zone


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Sun needs

Full Sun

The Cranrazz Butterfly Bush is a vibrant addition to your garden, covered in big, 8-inch spikes of wine-purple flowers from June until the first frost. These keep coming and coming, adding color to your garden through all the months when you use it most. This plant grows almost anywhere, even in tough urban gardens, and it need almost no care. It forms an upright, open bush about 5 feet in height and as much across, although the size can be reduced or increased by spring pruning. Besides the big, colorful flowers, this honey-scented bush is a magnet to butterflies, insects and hummingbirds, which in turn attract the children in your family to learn more about the natural world around them. For fabulous color and easy care, you simply can’t beat it.

  • Huge wine-purple flower spikes all summer and fall
  • Compact size for smaller gardens
  • Thrives in sunny, hot and dry locations
  • Butterflies and hummingbirds flock to it
  • Very easy to grow in any garden at all

The Cranrazz Butterfly Bush will grow in all those sunny, hot and dry spots in your garden where other plants can fail. It tolerates all kinds of soil, and thrives even in poor, rocky soil. Water regularly for the first season, and after that it will tolerate drought with no problem at all. It is almost never bothered by pests or diseases, and deer usually leave it alone. A simple pruning in early spring, and the removal of dead flowers, is all it takes to keep this bush looking perfect and blooming continuously.

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