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Zones 5-10

Sweetbay Magnolia

Magnolia virginiana

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Sweetbay Magnolia

Magnolia virginiana

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Botanical Name

Magnolia virginiana

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

Magnolia virginiana is a very recognizable plant that is more commonly referred to as Sweetbay Magnolia, thanks to the gorgeously aromatic white flowers that carry a lovely lemony scent come spring and summer. Magnolia flowers are simply beautiful and these are no exception, with the newly opened blooms appearing as white cups before the petals curl back to lie flatter against the leaves of the tree, exposing their highly scented centers so as to attract bees and butterflies. The sweetbay can behave quite differently depending on where in the U.S it is planted and can provide year round interest with its lovely multi-tonal leaves; these are a rich green on the upper side and a pale silvery gray beneath. The effect of a breeze upon these trees is quite lovely, reminiscent of the wind on rippled water as the pale underside is exposed. Once the flowers fall away you are treated to tight clusters of scarlet red fruits on the tip of the branches, which are highly appealing to birds and squirrels. A particularly lovely example of the magnolia, sweet bay will easily grow to around 35 feet and gives a tall and slender silhouette that is perfect for garden planting.

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