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Zones 4-8
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Zones 4-8

Profusion Crabapple Tree

Malus x moerlandsii 'Profusion'

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Profusion Crabapple Tree

Malus x moerlandsii 'Profusion'

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Botanical Name

Malus x moerlandsii 'Profusion'

Outdoor Growing zone


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Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Profusion Crab Apple is a top-choice spring flowering tree, especially in colder regions. Not only is it very winter hardy and a reliable bloomer in May, it is also highly resistant to all the common apple diseases, so it is very easy to grow. As its name suggests, it carries a profusion of blossoms every spring, in bright shades of violet-red. These are followed my dense hanging clusters of bright-red fruits, miniature sour apples that hang long after the leaves fall, and they become valuable winter food for local birds. You can also make a delicious jelly from them, to enjoy all winter. The tree will in time grow between 15 and 30 feet tall, and just as wide, so it makes a terrific specimen tree in a medium-sized garden. Plant it on the lawn, or as a backdrop to smaller trees and shrubs.

  • Profuse display of violet-red flowers
  • bright red crab apples hang on the tree into winter
  • Makes a sturdy tree with a full, rounded crown
  • Easily grown and reliable even in zone 4
  • Strongly resistant to most apple diseases

Grow the Profusion Crab Apple in any well-drained soil. It grows best in rich, slightly acid soils, but it does well in almost all conditions, including town gardens. Once established it is resistant to typical drought conditions, and as well as being disease-resistant it is rarely seriously bothered by pests. Rake up and destroy the fallen leaves in winter, and do not prune in spring – these additional precautions will give even greater disease protection. For an easy, reliable and very beautiful flowering tree, especially in colder zones, this one really cannot be beaten.

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