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Flowering Red Dogwood Tree

Cornus florida

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Flowering Red Dogwood Tree

Cornus florida

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Botanical Name

Cornus florida

Outdoor Growing zone


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Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Red Flowering Dogwood Tree is the perfect spring flowering tree for your garden. Considered one of the most beautiful flowering trees available, its large red flowers appear on the bare stems, and last for weeks. They are followed by handsome heart-shaped leaves that turn brilliant scarlets and burgundies in fall. Red berries appear in late summer, and this tree has a beautiful layered branching arrangement, making a graceful and elegant specimen on a lawn. Plant it at the back of garden beds, at the side of your home, or edging a woodland area.

  • Very handsome spreading tree, with layered branching
  • Large, bright red flowers in spring on bare branches
  • Fall colors or rich reds and scarlets
  • Unique garden specimen of outstanding beauty
  • Grows well in ordinary to moist soils

The Red Flowering Dogwood Tree should be planted in full sun, or with some afternoon shade, in rich, moist soil that is well-drained and preferably neutral to acidic. Water regularly during dry spells. No trimming is needed, but you can remove lower branches and expose the attractive limbs and encourage a wider pattern of growth. The red berries are not edible, but they are not poisonous, and they provide a valuable fall treat for wild birds.