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Zones 4-8

Green Knight Oriental Spruce

Picea orientalis 'Green Knight'

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Green Knight Oriental Spruce

Picea orientalis 'Green Knight'

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Tolerates Acidic Soil

Botanical Name

Picea orientalis 'Green Knight'

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun

The Green Knight Oriental Spruce is a wonderful alternative to the boring and dull Norway spruce. It has bright-green, glossy needles and an elegant, graceful pyramidal form, becoming a bold specimen with layers of almost horizontal branches. This classic form is retained for many years, and mature trees still have a dense, pyramidal form with low limbs. Growing to about 12 feet tall, and ultimately double that or more, allow enough room for it when planting. Use it as a lawn specimen, screening, or as a row to mark a property line.

  • Elegant, pyramidal upright evergreen tree
  • Glossy green needles create a bright look
  • Far superior to Norway spruce
  • Beautiful lawn specimen or screen
  • Easy to grow and vigorous

Full sun is best for the Green Knight Oriental Spruce, allowing it to retain the low branches for decades. Plant it in any well-drained soil, and water young trees regularly. Older trees have good drought resistance to ordinary summer dryness. Pests or diseases are very uncommon, and this is an easy, trouble-free tree to grow. Watch that it keep just one single leading shoot, to prevent future splitting, and don’t plant beneath overhead wires.