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Zones 7-9
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Zones 7-9

Oak Leaf Holly

Ilex hybrid 'Conaf' (PP9487)

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Oak Leaf Holly

Ilex hybrid 'Conaf' (PP9487)

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Botanical Name

Ilex hybrid 'Conaf' (PP9487)

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


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Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Oak Leaf Holly is a superb evergreen shrub that rapidly grows into a pyramidal form, covered with bright red berries for much of the winter. This unique holly produces abundant fruit on just one bush – most hollies need a separate male tree. It will grow well in almost any soil, dry or wet and clay to sand. Its rich green leaves have a soft, mat appearance, but with the classic thorny leaves of a holly bush. It grows rapidly at about 2 feet a year, soon reaching 20 feet in height. This holly is perfect for a grand specimen, or for planting as a screen or barrier. It can also be clipped into a formal hedge, or left to grow naturally into a broad pyramid. Hardy in zone 7, this tree is a real winner on all fronts.

  • Natural pyramid of rich-green foliage
  • Produces abundant fruit with just one tree
  • Grows in almost any kind of soil
  • Rapidly grows to full size
  • Perfect for screening, hedges or specimens

You can grow the Oak Leaf Holly in full sun or partial shade. It doesn’t really matter what kind of soil you have, this tree will grow in them all. It has no particular pests or diseases, it is not eaten by deer, and it needs no special care. It can be clipped two or three times a year, if you want a very dense, formal hedge or screen, but its naturally-dense growth pattern delivers a solid and symmetrical bush, even if you never clip it at all.