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Zones 4-9

Eastern Redbud Tree

Cercis canadensis

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Eastern Redbud Tree

Cercis canadensis

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Botanical Name

Cercis canadensis

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Eastern Redbud Tree is a unique single-stem form of a plant that is usually multi-stem. This native tree is renowned for the wonderful early spring display of brilliant pink flowers, carried in profusion on the dark, bare branches. A queen of the forest, turned into a small tree growing to around 20 feet tall and wide, it is perfect for a lawn specimen, planting in beds, or adding to a well-lit woodland garden. Easy to grow and reliable all through the east, it is handsome in summer too, with bold, heart-shaped leaves that turn golden yellow in fall.

  • Brilliant pink blooms on bare stems in spring
  • One of the very first trees to bloom in the garden
  • Special single trunk small tree
  • Attractive heart-shaped leaves turn gold in fall
  • Always healthy and handsome, all through summer

Full sun or partial shade are the ideal conditions for the Eastern Redbud Tree, which thrives in most types of soil that is well-drained, preferring some moisture, but also being drought tolerant once well-established. It is normally untroubled by pests or diseases; left alone by deer; and even grows near black walnut trees, notorious for killing many plants. No special pruning is needed – just remove any dead branches and keep the young trunk clean of new shoots.

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